Equity Property Managers Weather It Out in Texas




Under the guidance and leadership of our Equity Property Management team, the tenants of
Huebner Medical donated three truckloads of supplies for those in need after the devastation of
Hurricane Harvey.


Equity Property Managers in Texas rose to the occasion and put crisis communications in play as Hurricane Harvey waters also rose in late August. While San Antonio dodged the worst of Hurricane Harvey, their neighbors in Houston and on the coastline suffered terrible devastation.

Senior Property Manager Jackie Dominguez took a proactive approach representing the San Antonio team of Jim Ploetz, George Dominguez and Natasha Sattler. She sent out a comprehensive “Emergency Information Notice” on the 25th to all tenants in her region, (as did Lee Jackson and Scot McCullough at Le Grange and Round Rock. and our third party manager Jim Swan in Corpus) which included sections on important phone numbers, do’s and don’ts during natural disasters, tornado procedures and fire safety guidelines.

All Equity Property Managers were in constant contact with tenant representatives throughout Hurricane Harvey. They were prepared with a plan should any building become inoperable due to flooding, electrical outage or road closures. All tenants had the personal cell phone numbers of the Equity Property Managers to call for information, updates and in case of emergency. Fortunately, there were no major building issues at any of our buildings and no workplace injury reports for any of our tenants.

“Life is precious, buildings can be rebuilt, but the lives of our loved ones carry more worth,” commented Jackie. “May we continue to hold out hope for our neighboring communities that they will be okay with minimal loss of lives and a speedy and efficient recovery effort to get them back up and in business as soon as possible.”

Congratulations and thanks from the entire Equity family to our Property Management teams in Texas for representing us well.