Jerry Robson



Jerry brings a technical skillset to the Equity Team.  He’s responsible for designing and implementing the tools used by Equity for Market Analytics and Strategic Site Planning.  Using this unique skillset, he’s been able to help the Equity Team attack a broad range of Client projects.  From consulting and mapping, to locating sites for national expansion efforts.  His focus is not only on the larger, institutional operators and businesses, but also on scaling joint ventures and private equity platform investments.

With over 8 years of experience in Commercial Brokerage, Jerry has had a broad range of clients, from Restaurants, Retail Stores, Medical Institutions, Fitness, and more.  His diverse relational experience has broadened his service capabilities and enabled him to create solutions for almost any industry.

Before working in Real Estate, Jerry worked as the Media Director for the Ohio District Council of the Assemblies of God, where he designed and implemented video advertisement strategies, graphic presentations, and synthesized creative design elements for distribution throughout the Ohio AG network.  Through this experience, Jerry has gained a perspective on quality presentations and visual design excellence, paramount to his Real Estate client relationships.