Property Management

Property Management with Purpose

Property management can provide a real edge against the competition. It can identify opportunity to add value and increase the likelihood of renewals. Good management can assure consistent curb appeal, effective landlord services and accountability of tenants to key covenants and timely rental obligations. These outcomes are amplified when your manager understands your vision for your investment and your intentions for disposition. We tailor operating and capital budgets around standard industry practices, but also around your unique asset and objectives. Our managers work with leasing and with construction professionals of your choosing to assure better projects and make sure the leasing agent is well informed of tenant concerns prior to renewal efforts. These are just examples of how a proactive and knowledgeable manager adds value and drives the future of your asset. Equity has a diverse management portfolio with many assets that are closely held and many others owned by third parties. This means that we understand the way owners think and the sense of urgency to protect a property’s reputation and performance.

Our comprehensive property management services encompass every aspect of overseeing our clients’ properties, from transparent reporting to emergency planning. Because the longevity and vitality of commercial real estate investments depend on every detail, no matter how small, our team delivers on each facet with the absolute integrity.

Diverse Asset-Class Experience

We provide services to a wide variety of property types:

Comprehensive Services

Property management encompasses a range of services from the basics of maintenance management to complex management planning, budgeting and capital project execution. We work with clients to set a scope of work that reflects their asset planning requirements and charge fees that reflect the local market. We add value operationally through pursuit of enduring savings of operating costs, greater efficiencies and maximized tenant collections and billing. Services include:

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