About Us

Our History: Decades of Growth, Success & Excellence

Equity started in Columbus, Ohio in 1987 with one office, but founder and visionary Steve Wathen viewed Equity as a national commercial real estate firm from day one. With that mindset, an entrepreneurial spirit, and an emphasis on customer service, Steve grew the company into 9 offices nationwide, and he continues to expand its footprint to this day.

Equity's Ever-Expanding National Impact

The firm has offices in Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Tampa, Orlando, Austin, San Antonio, Atlanta, and Chicago.

When the firm was founded, Steve offered commercial real estate services, but quickly realized his clients needed more. After only a few years, Steve began to provide development, asset management, and consulting services to continue to meet the growing needs of his clients.


Evolving Our Platform To Best Serve Our Clients

Eventually, as Equity’s development projects grew, Steve saw the need to provide construction services. With this addition, Equity’s full-service platform was officially born. The choice to offer a comprehensive array of services was intentional and places Equity among a limited number of firms in the commercial real estate market. Our full-service platform not only gives clients total continuity throughout the life of their investment but also fosters a uniquely tailored experience.

Today, our services include:

  • Brokerage
  • Property Management
  • Development
  • Construction
  • Asset Management
  • Consulting


Our Values

To grow, Equity had to be able to leverage great client experiences into repeat business and excellent references. For more than 30 years, we have been blessed to have just that – clients who are our life-long partners and who share their experiences with others. They value us as a member of their team and they trust us to do what is right for them and for their business.

Trust & Transparency Woven Into Every Interaction

Doing right by our clients is born out of our deeply-rooted values system. It is a core set of values that has not changed since the day we were founded. The following values imbue everything we do, every interaction we have, and they are instrumental in creating enduring client relationships, as well as successful projects:

  • Absolute integrity: We honor our commitments to our clients and each other with actions that are accountable, ethical and trustworthy.
  • Passion for excellence: We pursue our clients’ and our personal goals with an unwavering determination to succeed.
  • Inspiring personal growth: We foster a challenging and meaningful business environment that inspires personal growth while maintaining balanced lives.
  • Honor God: We seek to honor God with everything that we do.


Our Mission

For Equity, our mission statement defines who we are as an organization, why we exist, and what we stand for. If you work with us, you will see that we live our mission statement – it is not just a set of words on a wall. The mission statement below serves as our company’s true moral compass for how we do business.

Providing complete, professional real estate development, brokerage, construction, and property management services for our clients and delivering these services with absolute integrity, quality, and value.


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