Our Services

Equity Is With You Every Step of the Way

Whether you are just starting out and need to lease a small space or you’re expanding and want to buy a building, Equity’s team of brokerage professionals can help your business as it grows and changes. If you are not sure what option makes the most sense at this time, our consulting team listens to your needs and helps analyze your situation. We work with you to make sure you end up with a project that is not only viable, but also profitable in the long-term.


After working for more than thirty years in the real estate industry, Equity has developed a deep and nuanced understanding of the needs and goals of buyers, sellers, property owners, and tenants. We leverage this knowledge in our decision-making for:

  • Leasing
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Negotiating
  • Tenant Qualifying
  • Tenant Representation
  • Landlord Representation



Property Management

If you own your building or a set of buildings, our experienced property management team is ready to keep your buildings running smoothly and your tenants happy.


Our development services include real estate planning and development options where we work with you to identify:

  • Target Locations
  • Complete Project Scope
  • Desired Quality
  • Team Composition




As you manage your portfolio or pursue development efforts, new build or tenant improvements may be critical to your success. Equity Construction Solutions (ECS) is available to support your needs.

Asset Management

As you look at the complete life cycle of your investment, our asset management advisors are available to provide:

  • Strategic Positioning
  • Manage Debt and Equity Placement
  • Exit Strategies
  • Financing and Financial Oversight




Not sure what the future holds for you and your real estate needs? That’s alright. Not every property owner and/or tenant is a real estate expert. Equity is here to help you make sense of the market and plan for the future.

Program, Project, and Place Management

A lot goes on behind the scenes in a construction project. From drafting an initial schedule, to final building inspections, the amount of tasks that need to be completed throughout the duration of a construction project may seem overwhelming. This is where a we can help.

Have additional questions about any of our brokerage, property management, development, construction, asset management, or consulting services?