Equipping Clients to Make Critical Decisions

In an ever-changing world and business environment, Equity provides consulting across all product types and regions.

Equity understands that the key to successful consulting is to understand the decision that needs to be made and the knowledge required for you to be properly equipped to make it. So, we gather critical information, analyze tactical options, and refine an investment or operating pro forma to provide you with viable options to meet your need now and into the future.


Our Team

We have a multi-disciplinary team with a proven track record spanning nearly three decades. Cross-industry experience allows us to design solutions around your unique needs and goals by forming innovative ideas that enhance results and anticipate key challenges.

Combining a Wealth of Industry Experience to Help You Succeed

Our consulting services bring to bear the knowledge of our diverse and experienced team of professionals. Their unique combination of the business, financial, and asset management skills, coupled with their market knowledge, transaction expertise, and negotiation skills, enables Equity to develop and implement sophisticated strategies to meet your real estate needs.

From Project Origination to Disposition

Our commercial construction, development, property management, and brokerage experts can overcome any hurdle by providing strategic guidance and developing versatile solutions to maximize your investment potential.

Equity provides solutions tailored to you and your communities, including, but not limited to:

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