How it all started – Equity Concepts Realty

March 11, 2022

In November of 1987, Steve Wathen left his job and formed Equity Concepts Realty, Inc.

During 1986, while in the planning stages for the start-up for the start-up, Steve bought and renovated a double in the historic Victorian Village neighborhood of Columbus.

This property was zoned for office , and Steve went through the “change of use” entitlement process, and renovated the property to commercial codes to allow its use as Equity’s office. This was Steve’s first commercial development project!

Steve Wathen Made This Original Wooden
Marquee Sign By Hand.

Equity Concepts Realty was initially a development, brokerage and property management organization with a focus on brokerage. The brokerage, development and property management activity was almost exclusively multi-family residential and small commercial investment work. The brokerage division grew to 14 agents in the first year.